Koakuma Lets Marisa Show Her Love For Patchouli Hon (Touhou Project)

Koakuma Lets Marisa Show Her Love For Patchouli Hon (Touhou Project) hentaimangaly

-by Sakurayu Haru

-22 pages

“When I saw you chatting with Marisa-san… To be honest, I felt a little jealous. Look! So much of your lewd juice is dripping out of your pussy already! Don’t say that... We almost reached the room, so please do your best and walk.”

Another first class Touhou Project futanari hentai manga with Koakuma, Marisa Kirisame and patchouli Knowledge.

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Sin-Lovey Dovey (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Sin-Lovey Dovey (Neon Genesis Evangelion) hentaimangaly

-by Kawaraya A-ta

-52 pages

Lovey-dovey recap/summary

Due to a mishap during a sync test, Asuka lost all her memories of Rei and their lovey dovey master-slave relationship. However, realizing this, Rei couldn’t help but tell her master a white lie…

Asuka, convinced that she and Rei were lovers after having sex with her, continues her incessant love-making assaults on Rei. And in the heat of the moment, proposed to her… Even after that, Asuka’s lovey-dovey requests show no sign of dwindling.

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Galfriend (Oshiete! Galko-chan)

Galfriend (Oshiete! Galko-chan) hentaimangaly

-by Eiji

-22 pages

Otako asked Galko to come to her room, so she could ask her for some advice about a specific matter. The thing is, Otako did grew a dick over night! Well Galko (laid back as she is…) doesn’t seem too surprised about this kind of development.

Now these two have the whole day to figure out what to do with that dick. Hmm, what could they do…

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